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HYRL-787 Towel RAPIER LOOM Trade Enquiry

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HYRL-787 towel rapier loom is our first generation towel rapier loom. its speed improved 30-40% than the shuttle loom and the noise decreases 10-15 dB.automatically controls the weft broken and warp broken. the warping machine complete with it is same with the shuttle loom

HYRL-728 High Speed Rapier Loom
HYRL-728 High Speed Rapier Loom Trade Enquiry

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728 high speed rapier loom absorbed picanol technical ,adopt cam beating up and stepless let off , mainly used for weaving all kinds of light, medium and heavy fabric with cotton, wool, synthetic fiber, and mixed thread and yarn etc. The range of density is available from 6~280 picks/inch

HYRL-727 rapier loom
HYRL-727 rapier loom Trade Enquiry

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With stronger frames and improvement of the beating-up and weft insertion devices on HYRL-717, HYRL-727 is specially designed for weaving thick fabrics and the speed higher than HYRL-717 loom.
1.Adopt the four-links short crank shorten and strengthen the lay swords, that get the loom to produce stronger...

HYRL-717 Flexible Rapier Loom
HYRL-717 Flexible Rapier Loom Trade Enquiry

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It has 6 colors weft selection, exchanging color per weft . It’s speed increases very much than the shuttle loom, this type loom can evidently improve unit area output and fabric quality. Also its suitability is wide.

HY-201 Glove Machine
HY-201 Glove Machine Trade Enquiry

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"Main character:
1) Capability stable operation simple, looking station rate higher, labor intensity lower, production efficiency higher, investment profits better.
2) The main parts are made of high quality raw material and have been specially treated. Wearability of the triangle is good.
3) The...

Tuck in Device
Tuck in Device Trade Enquiry

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This kinds of tuck in device can be fixed in all kinds of rapier loom .

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